We guarantee the anonymity of the complainant by not extracting data from your device.
Communication is encrypted.

Easy to use

Our technological developments are intuitive, guaranteeing an inclusive ethical line for your employees.

Technological development

The best practices and developments in the technological world will be available in its digital ethics line.

Discover SHOGUN, an ethical line that allows to receive and manage complaints or reports within your organization.

Any member of your company can create a case through a reporting website or app, always anonymously and securely.

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SHOGUN Ethical Line offers a secure, anonymous, and user-friendly ethical line with advanced technological capabilities.

Explore its features:

Anonymous and secure
User-friendly and intuitive
Direct communication between the whistleblower and investigator
Complaint tracking
Automated complaint management
Data engineering
High technological development

Generate value within your organization, efficiently and safely manage complaints or denunciations within your company.

Regulatory compliance with
SHOGUN ethical line:

Regulatory compliance is a fundamental component of any organization, ensuring adherence to all relevant laws and regulations.

European Directive on Whistleblower Protection
ISO 37301 Compliance Management System
ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management System
ISO 37002: Whistleblower Channel System
EU General Data Protection Regulation
Corporate Anti-Fraud Program
COSO: Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Tradeway Commission
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More than 100 organizations

in 16 countries manage their reports with our ethical line

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Discover and select the plan

that best suits your organization's needs:

Basic Package:
  • Regulatory compliance and Whistleblowing directive
  • Basic reporting website and dashboard
  • Generic reporting app
  • First month free

Starting at
USD $ 60.00

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Business web
  • Customized reporting website and dashboard
  • Independent backend and database
  • Integration of reports and complaints
  • Multi-company integration

Cost varies based on

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Business app
  • Customized reporting website and dashboard
  • Customized reporting app
  • Independent backend and database
  • Integration of reports and complaints
  • Multi-company integration

Cost varies based on

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All packages guarantee whistleblower anonymity


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